Purchasing a New Single Mattress

Purchasing a quality single mattress for your bed may be one of the most important purchases you make. Most people don’t realize just how necessary this is. A good mattress is vital for obtaining the best quality of sleep you can get.

Studies have increasingly shown the benefits of getting at least six hours of sleep each night. Children need at least nine hours of sleep each night. However, research indicates that 75% of people get less than that on a regular basis. If you are on a budget, this site has a single mattress super sale this month.

Even though it is perfectly normal to have occasional insomnia every now and then, if it happens too often health problems could occur. One of the health problems that has been linked to poor sleep is hypertension.

Insomnia also causes a person to have a lack of energy on a regular basis. The person experiencing fatigue may develop a weakened immune system which makes them more likely to develop various types of diseases. Poor sleep has also been found to be a factor in anxiety and depression. Lack of sleep also has been linked to decreased cognitive functions.

The Journal of School Health published an article reviewing 21 studies that indicated the fact that poor sleep in school children negatively affects their school performance. Another popular known negative effect on the human body as a direct result of poor sleep is back and neck pain.

York University School of Medicine did a study at a hospital to see whether or not the type of mattress a patient slept on would make any difference in their health complaints. The study uncovered the fact that when a more comfortable mattress was given to some of the people, they slept a longer time. They also indicated that they had less back pain.

Another positive thing that they found in the study was that patients had better mental and physical functions during the day.

When choosing a mattress to help you with your sleep, make sure to research the many options out there thoroughly. Use the internet to read various reviews and studies of the performance of the mattress from reliable sources. Read reviews of people that actually own the mattress. Don’t just rely solely on the mattress companies sales brochures. Also, question family and friends on which type of mattress they have. More and more evidence on the importance of getting good quality sleep habits is emerging every day. So, it seems only logical that having a quality bed and mattress is a key element in helping you with this.


Adam Smyth