Decorating Outdoor Rooms

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Turn a Conservatory, Porch, or Patio into an Extension of Your Interior

Take advantage of your outdoor space by blurring the edges and turning it into an extension of your interior decorating scheme.

Outdoor decorating has become a massive trend for homeowners, but unfortunately, many of the decorating magazines feature unrealistic outdoor rooms complete with fluffy couches, expensive fabrics, and even beds. Their creations are beautiful stuff for photographs but completely unpractical in the real world. Rather than go for picture-perfect, shoot for something practical that makes your conservatory, porch, patio, or sunroom wholly functional and a bit luxurious as well. 

Indoors Out

By blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, you get the best outcome. Continue your already established colour scheme by bringing some of those colors into your outdoor furniture. Outdoor-safe fabric has changed throughout the years, and it’s much more attractive and comfortable than it once was. To get something that will complement and match your existing décor, you will probably have to make your own or have custom-made upholstery for your outdoor furniture. Paint flower pots to match, and use potted flowers and plants on both the inside and outside to bring it all together. 

Define your Space

Your space may already be defined by the borders of your conservatory, patio, deck, or sunroom but by separating them even more from the actual yard or garden, you create a room that is more connected to your home. Establish decorating borders with fences, benches, potted plants, or stones to define better what you consider outdoor living and “wilderness.”

Embrace Fabrics

As mentioned above, the fabrics that are outdoor-safe are much different than their ancient predecessors. Look for many colors or bright colors so you can create some inviting excitement that draws people to the area. Add table linens, throw pillows, upholstery and anything else you can think of to add beautiful vibrant fabrics to your décor.

Sturdy Furniture

Opt for comfortable, sturdy outdoor furniture that provides good support and looks great. No more plastic lawn chairs from the 1980s, but substantial furniture that looks good enough for the inside. This is an investment that should pay off for you over time as it will last longer and hold its shape superbly.

The Ground Below

If you really want to add some luxury to your porch, deck or patio, pay attention to the ground. If you’re outside you’ll have to clean it often to keep it looking good, if you’re inside add some soft throw rugs to cushion your feet. Go a step further and have some fantastic tile or stone slabs installed to give your extra room a formal feel.

Add Lighting

Add some unexpected lighting with beautiful sconces, lamps, lanterns, or even chandeliers. You can opt for electrical lighting or candle lights but having a good light source extends the hours of use you have with your outside room.

Think Luxury

You don’t want to put anything too valuable outside, nor do you want to have something that is too fragile exposed to the elements, but you can find items that look expensive and feature details that make them feel luxurious. Treat yourself and your family to the little luxuries that they will love and keep them interested in an outdoor room. For some luxurious conservatory designs, see this website.

Be practical when establishing your outdoor room by taking advantage of improvements in weather-resistant materials and buying modern styles that are sturdy and rugged. Try to continue your indoor decorating scheme, whether in a significant or simple continuation of colour or theme; this will give your outdoor space a more inviting interior appeal. Finally, keep it cozy and convenient. No matter how much you spend making it look incredible, no one will use your outdoor room if it’s uncomfortable, unappealing, and impractical.


Adam Smyth