Furniture Hacks – Ikea Modifications for Cheap Home Decor

Ikea furniture is usually seen as a practical choice, perfect for most budgets, but on the downside, it has a reputation for being mass-produced, with some rather boring items. However, Ikea furniture is modular in nature, so there’s plenty of room for you to be creative. Ikea furniture hacking or modification makes achieving custom designer home decor simpler and cheaper than ever.

No matter what their budget, every homeowner desires pleasing home decor to suit their personal taste and lifestyle. Ikea’s affordable furniture with its budget-conscious, modern design is drawing the attention of DIY homeowners and interior designers alike. No matter if you prefer your bed to be soft and springy or firm and supportive, you will find something to your taste at Ikea.

With some basic handy skills and a little imagination, you can have the designer home decor you’ve dreamed of.

Now, you can be your own master carpenter! Ikea offers easy-to-assemble furniture with a minimum of specialized tools or building knowledge required.

With most furniture being compiled of component pieces, it is just this simplicity that inspires customization. You can use the item as intended, or you can break it down and repurpose the individual pieces to fit a unique aspect of your home. Or you can use items in ways they were never intended for.

Shelves can be compiled into headboards or wardrobes and bookcases broken down to coffee tables and hidden storage. Leftover glass shelves become kitchen backsplashes. You are limited only by your imagination.

A Variety of Options

Ikea offers furniture in everything from raw wood, perfect for painting or staining to your own preference, to a variety of wood finishes and colourful lacquers. The simplicity of the majority of the designs is clean and modern and invites adding your own flair. Even lacquered and varnished pieces can be sanded to a blank canvas and painted in any shade or design elements added with glue, foil, or nails, so your artistic expression can shine.

Additionally, Ikea offers compact, small space furniture options. Furniture that has hidden storage or converting functions like chair beds or sleeper sofas that makes them more versatile for the hacker.

Budget Conscious Furniture

Due to its storefront warehouse design, limit to large commercial centres and the expectation that buyers do the assembly, Ikea is able to keep costs down. The brand offers a wide range of cheap and cheaply-made items as well as better quality furniture options like quality leather or mohair finishing that, while more costly than cheaper options in the store, are still often bargain priced next to comparable competitor pieces.

Ikea and other mass-market furniture retailers are making it increasingly easy to customize furniture to suit your needs without a large investment or handyman skills. From upholstering, painting, or dismantling, furniture hacks can be very simple to do, and allow you to make your space uniquely suited to your budget and taste.


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